Building a release


Pre-built archives of manufacturing files are available from the releases page on GitHub.

The build sub-command builds a CAM release and places manufacturing files into a _build/ directory which includes:

  • a changelog

  • a STEP file of the final assembly

  • a PNG image of the final assembly

  • STL files for 3D printing


These instructions are for building a release on Ubuntu 20.04. Adaptations will be required for other operating systems.


Ubuntu 20.04

Install prerequisites

sudo apt-get install git python3.11 python3.11-venv imagemagick optipng exiftool

Poetry, Mayo, and git-lfs should be installed according to their respective documentation, and be available in your path.

Clone project and install dependencies

git clone
cd rover
poetry env use python3.11
poetry install
poetry shell

Build release archive

console build

Additional steps for developers

Enable Git hooks:

make install-git-hooks

Install CQ-Editor:

poetry install --with cq-editor

Build documentation:

git lfs pull
cp .env.dist .env.local  # then edit
set -a && source .env.local && set +a
make -C docs/ clean html

Run linters and tests:

make lint test